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Ogden Water Country Park & Nature Reserve HX2 8YA
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Visitor Information

Daily Opening times for Ogden Water and its car parks.

January 8am-4pm July 8am-8pm
February 8am-5pm August 8am-8pm
March 8am-7pm September 8am-8pm
April 8am-8pm October 8am-7pm
May 8am-8pm November 8am-5pm
June 8am-8pm December 8am-4pm





The Car Parks for general parking are available on the right hand side as you drive along Ogden Lane.

There is a 50 pence parking charge. Payable at the entrance to the woods, or outside the visitor centre.

Ogden Water is located 4 miles North of Halifax, on the A629 Keighley Road.

Ogden Water is owned by Yorkshire Water and managed on their behalf by Calderdale Countryside Services.

Ogden Water was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2003. The Estate comprises a 34 acre reservoir enclosed by woodland with open moor beyond. The heather uplands and peat moors form part of a Special Protection Area, that is of international importance for breeding birds.

Over 250,000 people, (and increasing!), visit Ogden Water every year for walking, picnics, family outings and nature activities.

There are numerous woodland trails and waterside paths to explore, with stunning views extending across Calderdale.

It is approx 1 ¼ miles or 2000 metres, to walk around the reservoir.

Facilities at Ogden Water:

We have a few new faces in the visitor centre now, so many in fact that it is open every day of the week. Why not take the opportunity to have a stroll around and call in for a coffee (yes, got the drinks machine fixed as well) and say hello. It has a small shop and serves 'vending machine' hot drinks and also ice-creams and confectionery. It has local information details.

The shop sells pictures, photographs, and souvenirs, and has details of the following:

A permanent orienteering course. Maps from the visitor centre shop.

A range of walks, from easy to strenuous. Pick up a pamphlet at the visitor centre shop.

Picnic tables.

Bird feeding.

Public Toilets.

Countryside Centre – see below.

Countryside Education Centre and Schoolroom.

A multipurpose venue available to community groups, organisations, private business etc., for learning, education, development and training.

The Centre can comfortably accommodate 30 adults or 35 children, and can be booked for the day or evening.

The Centre is automatically available to schools and groups booking environmental education activities at Ogden with the Calderdale Countryside and Forestry Unit. People who wish to book the classroom should ring Julie Swift on Halifax 01422 284415.

Disabled Access information.

There are over 2 km of wheelchair accessible paths around the reservoir.

Parking for wheelchair and scooter users is available outside the Ogden Water toilet block. This is located on the left hand side as you go down Ogden Lane towards the reservoir dam wall.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to make a booking or for further information.

Ogden Water Country Park, Ogden Lane, Keighley Road, Halifax, HX2 8YA Tel 01422 249136

Page updated November 30, 2014