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Ogden Water Country Park & Nature Reserve HX2 8YA
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Ogden Water Country Park offers a superb opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over 250,000 people visit Ogden Water every year for picnics, walking, family outings and nature activities Why not enjoy a picnic at one of our picnic tables, whilst taking in the stunning views. View location on Streetmap
The visitor centre is open 10.30am to 3.15pm. Why not pop in for a tea, coffee, flapjack or gingerbread man and remember to pick up some duck food to feed our wildfowl.
The visitor centre also has many leaflets about things to do in the area. Maps showing walks around the woodlands etc.

Ogden Water Practical Day - April 2015
A joint day out with the volunteers from Calderdale Countryside Service, and we needed the numbers! It was a day for fencing and replacing the pailing fence at Skirden Clough with timber donated by the Friends of Ogden Water.

The old fence was taken down and we began on both sides of the clough, it was replaced with post and rail fencing with wire behind. We did not get it all finished and will be back over the week or so to continue with it. Chris Sutcliffe

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Chris Sutcliffe writes, end Nov 2014:

Pond digging

Joined by 2 staff from Lloyds today (Mark & Steve) who were more than willing to get involved with a day playing with water.
Our first job was to begin clearing the pond out of reeds and pond weed. At the moment the pond is getting overgrown and dipping from the platform was almost impossible.
However a bit of hard work, some digging, pulling and raking saw the amount of vegetation reduce.
Following lunch it was into the woodlands to deal with an issue of drainage and seeping water onto the footpath. A bit of digging, a poke with a stick and then the discovery that the main pipe was 18inches under the mud and we were good.
Lots more digging and poking and we had the drain running clear, a look at the other drains did not turn up any more issues.
A brilliant day with a dynamic duo who jumped in and got muddy, hope they enjoyed it as they worked hard and were fantastic!


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The Permanent Orienteering Course maps are available at the Visitor Centre. £1.50 each. They are proving very popular, particularly with school groups.

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Do you have any anecdotes, pictures, or short stories of trips to Ogden in the past, ie. donkeys years ago! If you have, please get in touch with Ranger Chris.


If you are planning to bring a party of people on a visit to Ogden Water, you could contact the Ranger to make sure the facilities will be available when you come.


Ogden Water has once again gained the Green Flag Award 2013/14