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Ogden Water Country Park & Nature Reserve HX2 8YA
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Ogden Water Country Park offers a superb opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Over 250,000 people visit Ogden Water every year for picnics, walking, family outings and nature activities Why not enjoy a picnic at one of our picnic tables, whilst taking in the stunning views. View location on Streetmap

The visitor centre is open 10.30am to 3.15pm. Why not pop in for a tea, coffee, flapjack or gingerbread man and remember to pick up some duck food to feed our wildfowl.

The visitor centre also has many leaflets about things to do in the area. Maps showing walks around the woodlands etc.

Visitor Centre
We have a few new faces in the visitor centre now, so many in fact that it is open every day of the week. Why not take the opportunity to have a stroll around and call in for a coffee (yes, got the drinks machine fixed as well) and say hello.


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Also see notices on site.


Download the Calderdale Wildside Booklet to find out what's going on in Calderdale!


Practicals Poster

The Permanent Orienteering Course maps are available at the Visitor Centre. £1.50 each. They are proving very popular, particularly with school groups.

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Do you have any anecdotes, pictures, or short stories of trips to Ogden in the past, ie. donkeys years ago! If you have, please get in touch with Ranger Chris.


If you are planning to bring a party of people on a visit to Ogden Water, you could contact the Ranger to make sure the facilities will be available when you come.



Anthony Greenwood Tweets, Jan 21st 2014

A meeting of the past committee of Friends of Ogden was held to finalise what should be done with grant monies, left in the bank account.

It was decided that the money should be transferred into the safe keeping of Chris Sutcliffe for use around the site. Also a small proportion to go to Watch Group.

Chris Sutcliffe Tweets, Dec 18th 2013:

Our most recent practical session concentrated on work in the picnic area. A group of 9 volunteers came along to help out. The picnic tables in the lower area were all levelling into their new bases, including the wheelchair access bench (we even used the wheelchair to try to get the height correct). In the upper area some benches were moved about and again levelled.

Another group of volunteers worked on the overgrown land to the top side of the visitor centre. This area was cleared of brambles and some low branches before a series of posts were put to develop a bird feeding area. There are now 2 tables for seed and a 2 posts with hanging seed feeders attached. In future weeks this will be supplemented with fat ball feeders as well.

The group did not have to wait long before the area was being used, with coal tit, chaffinch, robin and great tit dropping in to take advantage of the free food.

Our next session takes place on Tuesday 21st January 2014 and we will be recycling Christmas trees. All help is welcomed!

See photos of the days work!


Chris Sutcliffe Tweets, Dec 4th 2013:

Calderdale Countryside volunteers were on the reserve on Tuesday 3rd December to repair the boundary wall that had fallen down in the Boggart Wood. They also effected repairs to the stile up Ogden Clough leading up to the waterfalls. Unfortunately this had been recently vandalised, but now a 2 step crossover stile is in place.

Calderdale Environmental Project Volunteers were also on site to learn about health & safety followed by a session of sorting out stone on another section of dry stone waling that had fallen down on the reservoir side path. This section should be re-built in the next few weeks.

Chris Sutcliffe Tweets, Dec 1st 2013:

The Ogden Water practical group have been hard at work undertaking some essential woodland management work in the car parks. Between the lower and middle car parks is a bank of land containing a number of hazel, birch, blackthorn and oak trees. The hazel was last coppiced – a process of cutting down all the stems at ground level to encourage growth, approx 10 years ago. The resulting growth had produced lots of straight stems that that can be used for hedging stakes.

Armed with chainsaws, The Countryside Estate team made quick work of cutting down the hazel, the practical group could then get in and remove the stems, cut off any excess branches and discard any waste.

The stems were sorted into size, with thin ones going to be used at a Countryside Christmas practical event, and the larger ones being used as stakes for a hedgelaying project down the valley.

There was also enough time to remove 2 large trees out of the lower car park and open up the view from the seating areas in the middle car park.

Not only will the work allow more ground flora to develop at the car park entrance, but the work has increased visibility going into and out of the lower car park.

See the photos of the work!

Chris Sutcliffe Tweets, Nov 2013:

Thanks to funding made available from the Friends of Ogden Water, recent improvements have been made to the estate. These have included the redesign and reconstruction of the viewpoint on the far side of the reservoir, improvements to drainage and footpath surface and major improvements in the picnic area.

See the photos of the work!

Viewpoint improvements:
The viewpoint on the far side of the reservoir was constructed over 12 years ago, situated between 2 drainage channels. With a large amount of tree cover around it has always been a bit wet under foot. In order to fix this the Countryside Service estate team took out a few willow trees around the edge (don't worry they will grow back up) and cleared the drainage ditches. The bench nearest the path was then removed to allow for easy access to machinery.

A digger was brought in to scrape the surface vegetation off and level the lower area, this process was then repeated on the upper area. A retaining wall of railway sleepers was put in, followed by a set of steps leading from the upper section to the lower section. Along to top of the sleepers a fence was constructed to prevent falling or slipping between the 2 seating areas.

A layer of terram was put down to allow water to drain and prevent grasses and vegetation growing up, then approx 15 tonnes of recycled aggregate was transported from the loading area in the car park round the reservoir side to be laid in the area. Once this was in place the aggregate was compacted and them bench put back in.

The bench is a little closer to the pathway as it will allow a wheelchair or pram in front of it and give views over the reservoir. The work has transformed the area and made it a much nicer place to sit and enjoy the views and also to take in the bird life on the reservoir.

More work is expected to take place in the woodlands behind the viewpoint to fell a number of trees and open up more light into the area.

Picnic area improvements:
The lower picnic area and duck feeding area have also had improvements to the path surfaces. The lower area suffered from moles, ducks eating all the grass and the picnic benches sinking. With all this going on something had to be done. The Countryside Service Estates Team, members of the Ogden Water practical group and volunteers from Calderdale Countryside Service came together to remove the benches, dig out rectangles under where they would be placed, board the sides of the holes and then fill with aggregate. This was then compacted to allow the benches to stand on hard standing. This will also prevent then becoming inaccessible due to long grass over the coming hot dry summers. Special attention was given to the wheelchair access bench (the one with a seat only on one side) so this was moved closer to the path and given more room for access.

More of the recycled aggregate was used to level the surface of the duck feeding area as this had become rough and uneven. More of the aggregate was used to build up the access ramp into the reservoir side path.

Footpath improvements:
With over 40 tonnes of aggregate ordered, there was a bit left over so this was used to fill in a number of pot holes developing on the reservoir path and also to raise the level of the path on the near side of the reservoir just before the dipping pond. This area had suffered from constant erosion by both water and people's feet, however the level now being raised should allow safe, easy and above all dry access along this section of path.

See the photos of the work!

Calderdale Countryside Service are extremely grateful for the funding made available from the Friends of Ogden Water to allow this work to be completed. we would also like to thanks all those who took part digging, levelling, sawing, compacting, lifting, carrying and landscaping the area.

Chris Sutcliffe
Area Countryside Officer
07769 954956